About Qmetrix

Why do we exist

Smart people guiding is our passion. We are convinced that with good data, flows of people are easier, safer and better to manage. In real time on the day of operation, as reporting for analysis and also as a basis for planning for the future.

How we work

From the very beginning, our aim was to measure flows of people. This was long before the invention of “digital transformation”. With our sensors, actuators, dynamic signs and feedback systems as well as the associated analytics and prognosis, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for our customers.

What we can do

We are a team of experts in the fields of consulting, hardware, software, production, installation and maintenance in the domain of personal management. We help our customers in airports, retail, convention, events and other people-intensive areas to manage people service processes. We are innovative, fast and adaptable. Whether batch size 1 or 1000, we can do it!

And boy, we can also ski…