Digital Customer Flow

We digitize your customer flow!

With our know-how and products you count your customers. You measure the waiting time, the dwell time and how many customers are present. You receive feedback and guide your customers.

Dieter Punzengruber

Optimize Customer Flow – NXT

Frankfurt Airport – Bilder (c) Fraport

You have probably been in a queue at the airport security several times. Then either a “folder “pusher has gently assigned you” – or our Qmetrix NXT customer flow optimization system did the job. The difference?

NXT has a comprehensive overview of the complete situation of the checkpoint – and the available resources – constantly and in real time. Based on this information, our algorithm calculates the optimal allocation for every person being next to be forwarded. Mind you, also PRM, Priority Passengers, Passengers with tight connections or families with small children have to be served adequately. The different priorities and requirements are thus serviced in the best possible way and the available resources of the airport are also optimally used.

Automate Customer Flow – NXG

Copenhagen Airport – Bild (c) ViaGuide

Hot to manage large crowds at airports, railway stations, passenger shipping or major events? Typically, security personnel manually controls the crowd with structural support of belt post systems and guiding signs.

With NXQ, Qmetrix can offer a proven, state-of-the-art, fully automated system for managing flows of people. Continuously and in real time, the actual situation is recorded by sensors and an optimisation according to predefined criteria is carried out. Automatic belt post gates (smart gates) and dynamic signs guide the flow of people safely and highly efficiently to their destination.

Access Management – QFM

Global Retailer – Access Screen

Avoiding overload of sales areas or controlling congestion in terminal areas is not a challenge specific to Corona. The efficiency and safety of passenger flows has been and will continue to be an essential and important task in the future.

Qmetrix QFM calculates the area utilization with the help of high-precision 3D lidar line counters. This has the great advantage that only the entries and exits have to be measured. More often, too expensive full-area measurement is not necessary. QFM continuously balances all inlets and outlets from the monitored zone in real time. This allows to calculate the number of people in the zone, the filling level. Data from existing counting systems, e.g. boarding gates are often integrated. Access is stopped via monitors, traffic lights or structural barriers such as smart gates or boarding gates if there is a threat of overfilling.

Check-out Optimisation – QFK

“Why don’t they open another cash register, the line is already endless…” – You have probably asked yourself this question several times! What you probably haven’t thought of yet is, that the person at the cash desk is often completely immersed in the checkout process and doesn’t notice the situation. This is a classic loose-loose situation.

A case for Qmetrix QFK, the fully automatic call system for cash registers or other service points. Our proven sensor technology recognises the queue structure and reacts: silent cash desk call via pager and/or warning lamp, announcements or semi-automatic operation. QFK knows no limits. You gain service quality through timely opening of service points and productivity through timely closing of service points. QFK is simple to install, easy to integrate, inexpensive and effective.

Feedback Systems – QCC

Keeping washrooms in perfect condition is expensive but worth it! Most customers will use your facilities – and they also will memorize a negative experience. Your customers appreciate that they can tell you about things, that are not ok. And they feel that you care and manage.

The good news is, that QCC is much more than collecting feedback. It is about using the highest natural intelligence available – your customer – to find out in real-time, if something went wrong. We count usage to coordinate cleaning by demand. QCC is also a very efficient facility management tool that helps you streamline replenishing supplies and organizing plumbing, electrics and locksmith works.

Public Survey Systems – QCC

Public survey systems have to be robust, lockable, without external buttons, cables and switches and sleek. With QCC you do not have to choose – it already fulfills this requirements for years.

Do not make the mistake of automating your complaints box. This only saves trees – but does not reduce work and generate insights. QCC comes with our advanced analytics server to generate Insights. It can also be easily integrated in ticketing systems like Jira (c) or Zendesk (c) to streamline customer relations.