Universal mounting accessory for the access light:

Plastic mounting rod with 2 strong holding magnets at the ends
Mounting bracket for holding rod or other mounting situation
Universal mounting clamp for desk mounting

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Typical mounting situations:

Installation on the floor. This requires an additional metallic magnetic weight (e.g. a metal plate, umbrella stand, etc.).

Mounting on the ceiling. If there is a suspended ceiling, the T-bars are made of magnetic metal and the rod can be attached to them. Halogen recessed luminaires are also usually made of magnetic metal and are also suitable for mounting.

Mounting on the metal door frame. Remove one magnet of the rod and attach it to the back of the traffic light with the enclosed screws.

Mounting on a table or desk. Clamp the universal clamp to the tabletop or table leg and fix the pole in the clamp.

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Weight 0,450 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 100 cm


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