ALM – Belt post alarm

ALM ensures that belts or emergency doors in waiting queue systems remain closed at all times. When the belt secured with ALM is opened, a loud siren tone sounds, which immediately motivates the unauthorized opener to close the belt.

Authorized persons can mute the alarm temporarily or permanently by means of a key. The “auto-activation function) automatically re-arms the alarm by closing the door (cleaning function).

The system is available with a fixed lock or with an exchangeable DIN cylinder. This is the version with fixed lock!

The alarm is powered by a 9V block battery. The runtime is several years, depending on the number and duration of alarms and the long-term stability/quality of the battery. Fire alarm batteries last up to 7 years, but are also more expensive. The battery is very easy to replace.

The volume is adjustable by adjusting a spindle screw.

The belt alarm can be easily installed in the belt post with two screws.

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ALM Data Sheet

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