QFZ is a plug-and-play device for people counting and access control. All you need to do is supply the unit with power and it is ready to use. On the screen you can see how many people are currently in the area to be monitored. The condition is, of course, that the people only enter or leave through the one, monitored entrance.

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If your monitoring area has several entries and exits, several QFZ counters can be linked and the balancing is done in real time. The displays on all doors are in sync.

The unit can be ordered as a single counter or a dual counter. The only difference is the actively monitored passage width. With the dual unit, one side is often used as entrance and the other as exit. The counters can count bi-directionally.

The device can work off-line, can be linked to an app and a web dashboard is optionally available. In the configurator you can select the solution according to your needs. For more complex counting situations, please contact us for a consultation before purchasing.

The device is delivered in two separate parts (upper part with monitor and base) and must be assembled before the first use. No specialist knowledge is required, only 4 screws have to be tightened, the Allen key for this is included.


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 110 cm
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Single, Dual


Offline, App, Dashboard, App & Dashboard


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