The QR-Code checker is a light, efficient and inexpensive free-flow checking system. It is battery operated but can also be permanently.

The check is done by scanning a presented QR code. The system shows a red or green light to indicate the state of the QR-code. If the QR-State is “not valid” but the beam is broken, a loud alarm goes off. The alarm also sounds, if the beam is brocken and no QR-Code was scanned.

Depending on the QR-code, the check can be performed off-line or against an API off a governing body. No data is recorded locally in the QFL system. The data protection guidlines of the API / governing body regulate data protection at the server side.

Installation is quick and easy, either by gluing a magnetic adhesive disc to the floor or by screwing it in place.

Typical applications are shortening of queues, directing the flow of people or limiting access to lounges etc.

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