Qmetrix QAI is an AI-based measurement system. It measures the waiting time and the number of vehicles at lane level 24 hours a day. The vehicle recognition has been trained for the airport area and can handle the vehicle types commonly used there. Other vehicle types can be trained if required.

The sensor technology is suitable for industrial use. It is waterproof on the basis of IP67, can be used in the extended temperature range of -20 to +50 degrees and complies with the relevant standards. Simple cabling is possible due to the PoE connection.

Due to the measurement method used, no images leave the sensor and no image data is stored. This ensures GDPR-compliant operation.

In a standard installation, the sensor measurement data is processed by a concentrator on site and transmitted to the Qmetrix cloud via GSM modem. All analytics and reporting are carried out on German servers in compliance with the GDPR.



Datasheet QAI Sensor

Product Sheet QAI System


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